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Smart Student ERP

As per the result of our long term research in the field of Education, we have built a comprehensive ERP system for all types of educational institutions to simplify and atomise all the functioning and it helps to save time, money, manpower, accuracy, security and standard of the institutions.

Smart Student is a multi connector ERP system that brings an educational institution to Students, Parents, Teachers, and Non Teaching staffs on one common interactive segment. What you get is a system that is web based solution with a desktop, tab and mobile interface, providing a complete automated experience with all back end administration and data management activities of the institution.

Smart Restaurant

Our research into restaurant management has led us to understand the many annoy and the problems facing restaurant-owners and managers in daily operations.

For occurrence, Chennai is extremely dependent on the North Indian labours in the service industry, but hiring restrictions cause an overall shortage of staff, which in turn results in overworked, unhappy employees, slow turnaround times at the dining tables, and a lot of inefficiencies in getting orders to the kitchen and food to the diners and then the peak hour comes, and the whole outlook reduces to a confused, disorganized mess of exasperated diners and stressed staff members.

The entire processes are labour concentrated and intensity to mistakes, as information is channelled from one person to another. It is also inefficient, as the staffs are expected to multi-task in an environment where various requests and demands for attention come in non-stop. This stop-start-serve routine increases the turnaround time and results in conflict priorities.

Now, imagine most of these chaises is organised by a systematic engine, channelling information throughout the kitchen wireless and keeping track of every item ordered, cooked and delivered. At the end of a meal, it will have the exact bill for the correct table, with no margin for human error and completing every assigned task in a fraction of a second. This is Smart Technology, connected wireless communications, mobile tablet technologies and powerful computer processing to reduce the workflow. Based on the above experiences and vast research, we have finally executed the smart restaurant.

Smart Billing & Payroll

Smart Billing is the central point of control; billing manages the core business information such as product file management, customer management, price man agent, Invoice Management, Payment management. Debit Note management, Credit Note Management, Dual Ledger. The smart billing engine provides unparalleled flexibility to set up any kind of product, price, tax rules, and user-defined that can manage any business operations. It fully supports both ERP and application modules.

We make it possible to make more efficient various management functions in your business, whether you own a small business, a medium-sized company, or manage a larger enterprise. Our smart payroll packages easily manage and maintain Personnel Records with Our Payroll System. Think about the time savings related to updating and maintaining personnel records and the benefit of accuracy.

Our products are engineered from the ground up to give you maximum performance, extreme speed and unflinching reliability!

Customised ERP System

We are giving you control over the glance and feel of the user interface, and the ability to incorporate your own data and special ways of processing this data into us. The result is a highly configurable system designed to adapt and change as your requirements.

Our ERP solutions are 100% customised functionality and ease of use of solutions that are always affordable.

Our software is designed to be user-friendly so that any small or medium enterprise can operate and understand it with ease.